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ALM Weld Positioner

Posted June 12th, 2024


We are looking forward to a busy couple of years here at Prairie Machine:

  • A fleet of Xcel 42 Continuous Boring Miners are already in production for Mosaic South America.
  • The first of many Rokion Battery Powered Trucks are delivered to Torex Gold’s Minera Luna development.
  • Multiple R100s are scheduled for delivery to BHP’s Jansen potash site, with more to come.
  • With such a steady production schedule, it’s important that our team has the resources they need to work efficiently and, more importantly, safely.


    We recently installed our fourth ALM Weld Positioner to assist fabrication during welding. The weld positioner negates the need for lifting chains, forklifts, and cranes, all of which can slip, swing, or fall during positioning.

    Once a part is installed between the adjustable headstocks and tailstocks, welders can adjust the height and angle of the part to the optimal work position. Welders can then complete sections of the assembly without needing to crawl underneath a part, balance on ladders or scaffolding, or place themselves in awkward positions.

    Our team has been regularly using the weld positioners when welding large Continuous Boring Miner and Battery Powered Truck components, keeping an eye out for opportunities to further improve our processes.

    This fleet of weld positioners is one of our investments into the future of Prairie Machine and Rokion. By supplying our team with the tools they need, we can provide a safe, productive workspace for our employees and supply quality equipment to our customers.

    Weld Positioner with Bottom Bar