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Rokion R400 Battery Powered Truck
Rokion R100 Battery Powered Truck


Prairie Machine is a global leader in the manufacturing and supply of heavy-duty equipment and technical solutions for the heavy industrial and mining industries. Under the Rokion brand, Prairie Machine supplies industrial-strength, zero emission battery powered crew and utility trucks for use in surface and underground mining operations.

Along with our custom-engineered equipment, Prairie Machine mechanical and electrical divisions provide complete service, training, and support for mine sites worldwide.


For over twenty-five years, the most industrious potash, salt, and trona mines world-wide have utilized Prairie Machine’s Continuous Boring equipment to meet their high production demands. The Continuous Boring line can be paired with the Prairie Machine Flexiveyor, the Prairie Machine Auxiliary Equipment line, or any conveyor belt system to produce high quantities of ore with zero stoppage time.

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Continuous Boring Systems

Prairie Machine Xcel 72 Continuous Boring Miner


Prairie Machine Flexiveyor

For over twenty years, Prairie Machine’s line of Continuous Haulage equipment has been an integral component in the most productive soft rock mines across the world. Spearheaded by the Flexiveyor, this customizable product line works in conjunction with any mining equipment infrastructure to provide a safe, automated, and continuous flow of ore, no matter the environment.

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Continuous Haulage Systems


Prairie Machine's line of Auxiliary Mining Equipment offers customized, cost-effective solutions to the meet the needs of an individual mining operation. The Auxiliary Mining Equipment line is designed to integrate into a site's already-established machine infrastructure or to be used in conjunction with Prairie Machine's Continuous Boring and Continuous Haulage lines to ensure a safe and productive mine site.

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Prairie Machine Carousel Bolter


Rokion R400 Battery Powered Truck

Rokion, a division of Prairie Machine, is a leader in the manufacture and supply of battery powered electric vehicles for the heavy industrial and mining industries. Rokion battery powered trucks are purpose built to withstand harsh mining conditions and to effortlessly drive up and down ramp, all while producing zero emissions.

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